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Skálafjørður village sits at the bottom of Skálafjørður fjord in Eysturoy.

Special characteristics:
The village is located on the plains below the tall mountains west of Fjarðará river. The large river passes through numerous little ponds through the deep valley which divides Eysturoy’s two major fjords.

The fjord has a natural sea barrier, preventing big waves from entering shore. It is a popular place for fishing, and the large number of wading birds add a special atmosphere.

Skálafjørður has long been a busy intersection for traffic to and from Eysturoy. This was also the case in ancient times: next to the river, a mile from the estuary, are the remains of the old Stevnuválur thingstead, and above the main road on the east side of the fjord is the steep Valaknúkar, where criminals used to be pushed down to their death.

Peace & tranquillity:

  • Walk along the many ponds in the Fjarðará river.
  • Row with little boats in the Fjarðará ponds.
  • Soak in the special atmosphere as you fish for salmon on an autumn day.
  • Walk along Fjarðará river up to the Tippafoss waterfall for a refreshing shower.

Walk from Skálafjørður to Oyrar
Walk from Skálafjørður to Kambsdalur

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