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Q: “Where can I find ferry/bus schedules?”
A: If you follow this link, you can see a list of ferry prices as well as an overview of all bus and ferry routes. The pre-selected timetable in the link is route 300, which is the route between the airport and Tórshavn. On the left side is a list of all the other routes.

A couple of other bus routes in the area:

Route 400: Klaksvík – Tórshavn (not through the sub-sea tunnel Eysturoyartunnilin)

Route 401: Klaksvík – Tórshavn (Express bus, which goes past Runavík through the sub-sea tunnel Eysturoyartunnilin)

Route 440: Route Skálafjørður. (Route around the fjord Skálafjørður)

Route 450: Tórshavn – Eysturoy (The new route goes through the sub-sea tunnel to Tórshavn and stops in Runavík, Toftir and Strendur)

Q: “I want to go hiking. Should I book a guide or go alone?”
A: We recommend booking a guide if you plan on going on long hiking routes or if you are hiking in a group. In any case, make sure you read our hiking guide and our guide to safe hiking.

Q: “How do I pay for the use of the sub-sea tunnels?”
A: For the use of Vágatunnilin, Norðoyartunnilin and Eysturoyartunnilin you can pay online on,  where you can also get more information about prices and subscription options.

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