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Quick Facts – Eysturoy

Runavík Municipality is the third-largest municipality in the Faroes and is comprised of these 15 villages.

Name: Eysturoy, (East island) is the second-largest island in the Faroes.

Municipalities: There are 6 municipalities in Eysturoy.

Neighbouring islands: Eysturoy is located in the centre of the Faroe Islands. In addition to a bridge that connects the islands Eysturoy and Streymoy, there are two subsea tunnels linking the island to the neighbouring islands Streymoy and Borðoy.

Total land area of:
286.3 km2 (110.5 square miles)
Faroe Islands: 1,399km(540 square miles)

Heights: The highest peak is Slættaratindur 880m (2,887ft), which also is the highest mountain in the Faroes.

Climate: Average 3º-11ºC, winter-summer

Runavík municipality: 4.248 (April ’21)
Eysturoy 12.039 (April ’21).
Faroe Islands 52.656 (April’20)

Capital: Tórshavn (population 22,216 as of July ’20)

Status: Self-governing region within the Kingdom of Denmark

Language: Faroese. Danish has equal status in all official affairs

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran

Government: Parliamentary democracy

Prime Minister: Bárður á Steig Nielsen (Union Party, Sambandsflokkurin)

Anthem: Tú alfagra land mítt

Main industries: Fishing and aquaculture, shipping and offshore services, tourism and prospects for petroleum in the Faroese area

Currency: Faroese króna (DKK)

Exchange rate: £1 = 8.27kr, US$1 = 6.31kr, €1 = 7.45kr (August 2020)

International telephone code: +298

Internet TLD: .fo

Time: GMT (winter); GMT+1 (summer)

Electrical voltage: 220V; European two-pin plugs

Weights and measures: Metric

Flag: Red cross fringed with blue on white background

Public holidays: New Year’s Day 1 January, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Flag Day 25 April, Common Prayers’ Day (May), Ascension Day, Whit Sunday, Whit Monday, Ólavsøka 28-29 July, Christmas 24-26 December, New Year’s Eve 31 December

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