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On this site you can find information about transport possibilities e.g. bus- and car rental, taxi and public transport:

Public transport

Strandfaraskip Landsins (SSL) is a nationally owned transport company. Their main objective is to provide transport to all corners of the Faroe Islands.

If you follow this link, you can see an overview of all bus and ferry routes. On the left side of the selected timetable, which in this case is route 300, between the airport and Tórshavn, is a list of all the other routes.

It can however be a challenge to get from one destination to another. If you are traveling from Runavík to Tórshavn or vice versa this bus timetable can help you. 

Click here to see a bus and ferry map.


Getting to Gjógv

When using public transportation to get to the popular destination Gjógv, you first need to get to Oyrabakki. From here you can take bus route 201, which goes to Gjógv. 201 Oyrarbakki – Gjógv/Faroese Public Transport Company (


Car rental

There are many car rental opportunities in the Faroe Islands, and these have a wide range of cars. Some of these companies are located at the airport, making it easy to pick up and drop off the car. This is not a service all companies are able to offer their customers.

Unicar Car rental (pick up option in Runavík)

GLH Cars rental

 62°N Car rental 



Taxi and shuttle buses

Snar Taxi

FO-480 Skála
+298 586058

FO-655 Nes
+298 732000
Airport shuttle


Bike rental

If you wish to explore the Faroes by bike, there are also bike rental opportunities. Whether you wish to go on your own adventure or a guided tour, has many different offers. In addition to this, they also provide their customers with trip suggestions and useful information.



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