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VisitHomes – Heimablídni in Leirvík


My name is Lilja Víká, and I live at Áargarður 10. Come in and enjoy my cozy home.

On the way to my house, you pass the Memorial Monument, which has been erected in remembrance of Faroese men lost at sea. On the street to the memorial monument, I have my “Heimablídni”.

This is my neighborhood. I have lived here all my life, previously with my grandparents. When they passed, the house became MY HOME. I have always loved this place. Now the house has been rebuilt and is larger, but the spirit and atmosphere are still the same as in the old days. It holds cherished memories and the warm feelings of my childhood.

I remember neighbors and friends coming in for a short visit, saying “hey”, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together with a piece of my grandma’s traditional sand cake. Memories of the marvelous twilight hours when grandma and I sat at the table playing table games while grandad listened to the radio.

The beautiful views over the sea and the breathtaking view of sunsets that we can all enjoy. This peace is indescribable, where atmosphere and harmony exist. I invite you to my Heimablídni.

If you come along, and see our Faroese flag waving in the fresh wind, it means “Heimablídni” is open. You can also make a reservation by calling +298 506460..

You are all welcome.

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