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Æðuvík (meaning “Eider Cove”) lies on the southernmost tip of Eysturoy.

Special characteristics:
The village is situated on a green field overlooked by a small hill in a picturesque moorland landscape. A small landing station by the shore offers a place where visitors can set up camp. North of the village lies the Tinghellan rock formation where locals held their spring council for centuries. This is a hiker-friendly area with open views in all directions. The trails in the heather-covered plains around the village are listed as “buttercup routes”, which are stretches of outstanding natural beauty.


The open view out to the sea is only interrupted by the occasional glimpse of a ship on the horizon. Æðuvík is a heavy surf area, especially in southerly winds, and visitors are advised to beware of the big waves crashing on the shore. When the tide allows, divers are treated to a spectacular experience as they swim past massive underwater boulders.


Peace & tranquillity

  • Lie in the grass watching the sunrise.
  • Gaze at seabirds by the landing station.
  • Watch massive waves crashing on land – a particularly intense experience in the winter months.



Walk from Æðuvík to Nes

Diving with an instructor

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