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Saltangará lies on the south side of the eastern arm of Skálafjørður fjord on the southeast side of Eysturoy.

Special characteristics:
Saltangará, also known as Heiðarnar, sits in pleasant moorland terrain by the shore. The town is a settlement dating to 1846, which has now blended together with Glyvrar and Runavík to form a continuous 10-kilometre stretch of residential land.

Gamli Handil opened in 1866 and has been a valued centre for traders over the years.

This area has now developed to include most of Eysturoy’s grocery, furniture and clothing stores, along with banks, a liquor store, a post office, and an arts centre.

As the largest and safest natural harbour in the Faroes, Skálafjørður fjord has a great deal of activity within fishery, fish farming and supply services for the North Sea oil industry. The buzzing marina is also a popular port for cruise liners.


Peace & tranquillity

  • Sit between the boathouses and enjoy the play of colours as the wind touches the water.
  • Lie on your stomach in the grass above the village and watch the mountains mirrored in the calm water.
  • Walk barefoot up the hill towards Høgaleiti where the silence is only ever broken by twittering birds.
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