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Rituvík (meaning Kittiwake Cove) is located on the southeast side of Eysturoy.

Special characteristics:
The small, colourful houses are scattered throughout the cove in beautiful grassland. Facing the open sea, the village is a heavy surf area. When the tide allows, divers are treated to a spectacular experience as they swim past a big seaweed forest with stunning underwater caves. Rituvík has many memorial monuments celebrating key figures from the village’s long history.

The charming tree church was taken into use in 1955 and features a church clock which had originally been used as a ship’s bell on a Portuguese schooner that sank near Greenland.

The scenic plains allow for easy walking. In the old days, Rituvík locals walked to Saltangará to do their shopping, to Nes to attend church and took frequent walks along the path marked with cairns through the heathery hills to Lamba. This path takes hikers past the notorious 440-pound heavy stone.

Many paths in the area are listed as “buttercup routes”, which are stretches of outstanding natural beauty.

Peace & tranquillity

  • Take an early-morning walk east of the village to see the sun rise.
  • Enjoy the silence while walking around the old boathouses.
  • Sit in the grass and let your senses enjoy the waves crashing on the shore.

Walk from Rituvík to Lamba
Dive with an instructor
Walk to Saltangará.

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