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Special characteristics:
Lamba is a historic farmer’s village, first mentioned in a 14th-century  document (Hundabrævið). The houses are scattered along the road in a narrow valley carved by river Dalá.

By the shore is a row of boathouses and a landing station. The pier had to be built around a huge rock which could not be moved.

Lambavík bay is the place where the big Danish armed merchant ship Norske Løve sank on New Year’s Eve in 1707. Copper plates and bright ballast stones can be seen in the sea where the ship is said to have gone down. A hundred men were rescued from the ship, one of whom is said to be the author of the popular ‘Norske Løve’ folk ballad. The ship’s bell and a model of the ship are on display in Tórshavn’s cathedral.

Peace and tranquillity

  • Walk down the valley along the river, savouring the healing sounds of water.
  • Lie flat on your back in the grass and watch the green hillsides blend into the blue sky.
  • Walk in complete silence out to the Mjóvanes lighthouse.


Walk from Lamba to Rituvík

Walk from Lamba to Stórafjall, Miðalfelli and Lambareyn mountains

Diving with an instructor in Lambavík bay

Horseback riding

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