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Funningsfjørður village sits at the bottom of Funningsfjørður fjord.

Special characteristics:
Funningsfjørður is a scenic gem located at the north end of the valley that separates the two largest fjords in Eysturoy.

The roads to the neighbouring villages are listed as ‘buttercup routes’, which are stretches of outstanding natural beauty.
The village is surrounded by imposing mountains and boathouses are densely packed along the shoreline.  A natural sea barrier guards against sea waves ensuring calm water in the fjord.

The old part of the village, with its grass-roofed farmer’s houses, sits at the shore, while the newer districts are centred around the main road further up the hill.

Peace & tranquillity

  1. Enjoy the peace while watching the small waves brushing the shore.
  2. Watch the sheep eat seaweed by the shore on an autumn day.
  3. Pack a lunch and savour the beautiful brooks and moorlands as you walk towards Skálafjørður.

Walk from Funningsfjørður to Elduvík

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