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Skála lies midway on the western arm of Skálafjørður fjord.

Special characteristics:
Houses are positioned in several long rows from the shore up to the level plain near the green hillside. These rows of homes are guarded to the west by mountains with large rivers.

Skálafjørður is not only the longest fjord in the Faroes, it is also the country’s largest natural harbour, with major parts of the water deep enough to provide a natural sea barrier.

Skála is home to the largest shipyard in the country. The town also has a charming marina and a relatively large football stadium.

Up until 1940, when Skála church was taken into use, locals walked to neighbouring Strendur to attend church.

The village did have its own church in the 17th century. It stood by river Prestá, until one day during Sunday service the river flooded, sweeping the church and everyone in it out to sea. Today, the river Prestá is the heart of a beautiful recreational area with dams, ponds and sand. Relics of the old activities in the area are still visible in the grass.


An easy and beautiful hike along the western arm of the fjord Skálafjørður, is from Skála to Selatrað.

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