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Glyvrar is situated in the middle of the eastern arm of Skálafjørður fjord.

Special characteristics:
Glyvrar is an old farmer’s village by the shore in the mild and grass-covered plains of south Eysturoy. The past century has seen a great deal of activity in the town as it has blended together with Saltangará and Runavík into a continuous 10-kilometre stretch of residential land. This area includes most of Eysturoy’s grocery, furniture and clothing stores, along with banks, a liquor store, a post office, an arts centre and a buzzing marina atmosphere.

Glyvrar church was designed by Danish national Vilhelm Nielsen, who served as the vicar of Nes in 1917-1927, during which time the church was inaugurated. The church reopened in 1981 after extensive restoration work and a redesign themed on traditional boathouses.

Skálafjørður is not only the longest fjord in the Faroes, it is also the country’s largest natural harbour, with major parts of the water deep enough to provide a natural sea barrier. Glyvrar is also home to one of the world’s largest fish farming companies, Bakkafrost, whose huge production facilities make up one of the country’s largest workplaces.

Peace and tranquillity

  • Walk up to Glyvragjógv gorge and disappear into the chilly shadows.
  • Enjoy the silence that greets you as you leave the houses and walk up the hill, pass the peak and take in the spectacular beauty of Glyvradalur while enjoying the serene blend of silence and twittering birds.


Visit the Forni town museum

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