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Funningur sits in the middle of the western arm of Funningsfjørður.

 Special characteristics:

This scenic ancient village is surrounded by tall mountains at the foot of Slættaratindur, which at 880 metres is the highest mountain in the Faroes. The colourful houses are densely packed along river Stórá, strategically positioned to withstand the heavy western winds. The stunning Ovarabrúgv stone bridge connects the old village on the east side of the river with the newer homes on the west side. By the shore, the church is separated from the churchyard by river Stórá as it makes its way out to sea.

The current church is the fifth church on the islet. It is an architectural masterpiece from 1847 full of artistic gems inside and outside.
The sparkling glow of the old wood elicits strong feelings of serenity. An unpainted Jesus figure dating back to the village’s first church from 1690 forms part of the stunning church interior.
The porch features an old pew that used to be reserved for women returning to church after giving birth. Next to it is a sign on which the priest politely asks churchgoers not to spit on the floor.

Peace & tranquillity

  • Lose yourself in the sparkling play of colours in the old wood on the church exterior.
  • Walk along the Stórá river.
  • Lie in the grass and savour the beauty of Kalsoy.


Walk from Funningur to mount Slættaratindur

Dive with a diving instructor

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