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Runavík is located on the south side of the eastern arm of Skálafjørður fjord.

Situated by the scenic moorland terrain by lake Toftavatn, Runavík is the youngest of the towns and villages by the Skálafjørður fjord. The town has seen rapid growth and has now blended together with Glyvrar and Saltangará to form a continuous 10-kilometre stretch of residential land, which has become the commercial centre of Eysturoy. The area is brimming with cultural and commercial activity, including restaurants, banks, a post office, a pharmacy, a library, a hotel, conference rooms and an information centre.

The harbour is brimming with activity within fishery, fish farming and supply services for the North Sea oil industry. The buzzing marina is also a popular port for cruise liners filled with tourists eager to see the beautiful island.

Not far from the vibrant harbour area, in the tranquil, heather-covered moorland, lies lake Toftavatn, the fourth-largest lake in the Faroes. The area around the lake is known for its scenic beauty and rich birdlife. Like other trails in the area, the footpath around the lake is listed as a “buttercup route” – is a stretch of outstanding natural beauty.


Peace & tranquillity:

  • Wade out into lake Toftavatn and feel the waves splashing against your legs.
  • Lie down in the beautifully scented heather and watch the bountiful birdlife at lake Toftavatn.
  • Take a slow walk around the lake and enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in the Faroes.
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