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Skálafirði – Kambsdal

Hike from Skálafirði to Kambsdal.

The tour starts at the kindergarden in Kambsdalur. Start at the small stream. There is no real path, but go upwards to the left (south) up towards Skarðsbrúgv. On Skarðsbrúgv, you arrive at a gorge. Walk towards the egde of the gorge where you find the passage up to Skarðsbrúgv. Here you will find the first gairn. Follow the cairns to Trælavatn. Then follow the old path at the northly side to Rossastígar, where it is steep some places. Take a look down where you can see the cairns down towards Tundradalur. Down to Tundradalur it is the best to walk along the river (on the left side). Walk down on the main road near the petrol station in Skálafirði where this trip ends.

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