One of the most popular hiking trails in the Faroes is above the small village of Funningur, from Gjáarsskarð to Hvíthamar. 

Park your car at a parking area at Eiðisskarð, which is at the highest point between the villages Funningur and Gjógv. From here you can walk along a fence for about 15 minutes to reach the popular destination of Hvíthamar. Here you will have a great view of the Funningsfjørður fjord and the surrounding mountains, as well as the view to the north towards the island Kalsoy. On days with clear skies, you will see the summit on the highest mountain Slættaratindur from the top of Hvíthamar.

It is an easy and fast hike, but be cautious of loose rocks and gravel, and refrain from walking to the edge.

This is a great destination for photographers.

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