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Breathtaking view from Hvíthamar

With a breathtaking view over the fjord Funningsfjørður, Slættaratindur (880 m) and the surrounding mountains, it is no wonder why Hvíthamar has become such a popular destination, especially among photographers.

Park your car at the mountain pass Gjáarskarð, right by a cattle grid located between Funningur and Gjógv. The road is wider here, so cars can easily park without obstructing traffic.

There is an information sign close to the parking area, where you can inform yourself about the route before climbing up the ladder, which takes you over the fence. After that, you can follow the green posts that will guide you to Skeggjanøv and then to the Hvíthamarmountain ridge, where you will have a great panoramic view of the fjord Funningsfjørður. 

It is an easy and fast hike, which takes about 15-20 minutes, but be cautious of loose rocks and refrain from walking to the edge. 

Enjoy the view!

Green posts guide you to Hvíthamar
Group photo
Enjoy the view from Hvíthamar


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