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Æðuvík – Nes


On the way out of Æðuvík you pass the hollow, Promsgil. In the old days people hurried along Promsgil because huldufólk lived there (grey elvish people of the outfield). Then you walk along heather landscape, Amtsmansheiðar. The place is named after the Danish chief administrator of the islands, amtmann. Here they used to cut peat for the chief administrator.

When you have reached the top you will see Skorðina on Borðoy, Nólsoy, Gásafelli, Glyvrafjall, Stórafjall, Støðlafjall, Tyril and Strandafjall.

You walk along the peat store, Fransakrógv, on your way to Nes. The place is named after a woman called Maria. Maria worked as a servant at the Vicorage in Nes and went to cut peat at Fransakrógv. She was known for being a strong lady. You walk along old peat strips, the terrain is flat and easy to walk.

A walk up to the highest point, Vørðan (160m), is recommended. From here you can see Nólsoy, Sandoy, Streymoy, Kaldbaksfjørð, Kollafjørð, Skálafjørð and Sundalagið. When you approach Nes you walk through the gorge, Fornagjógv. Here there is a fine view over the lakes Starvatn and Kornvatn.

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