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Lamba – Rituvík

From Lambareiði, you have two possibilities. The first possibility is to walk 700 m towards the village of Lamba, where the old village path begins. You go through a white gate and begin to walk up along the stream. It is a little steep to get up. The other possibility is to go along the asphalt road, which goes down to a stone quarry. From there, you can also reach the path.

When you have reached the top, you have a panoramic view over Lambavík. The Danish ship Norske Løve got stranded here on New Year’s Eve 1707. It was on its way to the East Indies and a storm came upon them when they were west of the Hebrides. From there they were driven to the Faroes. The next day, there was no trace of the Norske Løve.

Some items from the ship can, however, still be seen today. The ship’s clock and a model of the ship, which one of the crew made, hangs in the cathedral Havnar Kirkja in Torshavn. There were also two planks from the ship. One of them is found in a farmer’s house in Lamba, and a chair is in the local museum Blásastova in Norðragøta.

If you look southwards, you will see cairns standing one after the other along a long stretch towards Rituvik. You walk along old peat strips. The terrain is flat and good to walk on.

When you approach Rituvík, you can see Nólsoy in the background and south to Eystnes, the wind turbine at Skarhæddin, Svangaskarð. On Streymoy, you can see the mouth of Kaldbaks-fjørður.

There is grassy terrain all the way down to the road in Rituvík.

Lamba to Rituvík (

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