Heimablídni At Hanusarstova – Unwind With The Locals

Heimablídni at Hanusarstova – Unwind with the locals

The concept Heimablídni, can be experienced throughout the Faroes. In Heimablídni you dine in the homes of Faroese locals.

Heimablídni at Hanusarstova is a unique Faroese farm-to-table experience where you’ll get to converse with the locals over a homemade meal, gain an insider’s perspective into the Faroe Islands, and even pet the softest sheep if you’d like to.

You can select from

A three-course menu with Faroese tapas, homemade dinner and dessert.


Drekkamunn, a Faroese word for coffee with something sweet on the side
-always complemented with a good conversation.