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Dine locally at the lovely Glyvralon
The couple, Christian and Helena Bjarnadal, both of whom were teachers, built the house that was designed by Niels Pauli í Heimastovu. The house was built just before World War II. However, the couple didn’t move into the house until after the War was over.
Shortly before the Millennium, Jógvan Lauritsen from Sørvág bought the house. At that time, the house was in a very bad shape. He repaired and restored the house and turned it into the lovely residence it is today. In the sommer of 2018, Jógvan sold the house to Terje & Birna Vestergaard, who are the current owners.
The house is located right on the beautiful and scenic shoreline of Glyvrar.
We serve homemade meals and you are cordially welcomed to enjoy the hospitality we offer at “Glyvralon”. Opening hours are by appointment.
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