Home-grown hospitality in Elduvík

Home-grown hospitality in Elduvík

Frida Reyná offers heimablídni in the quaint village of Elduvík.

A miminum of 6 people are required to book. Maximum of 48 people.

The menu includes open-faced sandwiches made from home-backed bread and various types of Faroese toppings, fish soup, salmon and lamb.


Three open-faced sandwiches with home-baked bread and various Faroese toppings with coffee and tea: DKK115

Home-backed cake with coffee and tea: DKK65

Fish soup, Faroese cod, with home-baked bread: DKK125

Faroese salmon with potatoes, gravy and salad: DKK250

Fried lamb leg with potatoes, gravy and vegetables: DKK250

All you can eat buffet that includes cod, rice salad, whale meat, blubber, dried fish, dried lamb from Frida’s farm, smoked salmon and more: DKK500

All prices are per person.

To book, contact Frida at tel. (298) 214815 or e-mail fridareyna70@gmail.com.

Opening hours: Only by arrangement.

Home-grown Hospitality In Elduvík