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The church of Funningur

The current church in Funningur is said to be the fifth one on the location “Niðri í Hólma” meaning “down on the islet”. It is an architectural masterpiece from 1847 full of artistic gems inside and outside. Out of the ten traditional old wooden churches left in the Faroes, the church in Funningur is the newest.

The sparkling glow of the old wood elicits strong feelings of serenity. An unpainted Jesus figure dating back to the village’s first church from 1690 forms part of the stunning church interior. Legend has it that the figure washed ashore in the river-mouth below the church.
The porch features an old pew that used to be reserved for women returning to church after giving birth. Next to it is a sign on which the priest politely asks churchgoers not to spit on the floor.

Even though the first church Niðri á Hólma is said to have been built in 1690, this probably isn’t the case. The first church mentioned in any written material is from 1690, but before this one, another had been demolished to make room for a new one.

[SOURCE: J. P. Gregoriussen, Gomlu Trækirkjurnar]

The chairman of the vestry


Alis Højsted

Adress: Niðri í Túni 1,  475  Funningur

Contact: Tel: +298 26 84 19



Opening hours

Open on Monday and Thursday from 12am – 2pm


Church attendance

In the summer, attendance is on Sundays at 11 am and in the winter at 12 am.

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