The church of Funningur

The church of Funningur is a dexterous masterpiece from 1847, that is manufactured with art both on the inside and on the outside. The combining colors of the ancient and unpainted wooden walls inside the church, gives a comforting feeling of perfect stillness. Inside the church there is an unpainted figure of Christ from the first church in the village, that was built around 1690.


The chairman of the vestry

Sámal Petur Petersen

Adress: Niðri í Túni 1,  475  Funningur

Contact: Tel: 42 32 11 & 26 41 54

Mail: funnings(at)


Opening hours

Open by arrangement. Contact, Sámal Petur Petersen – 26 41 54.


Church attendance

In the summer, attendence is on Sundays at 11am and in the winther at 12am.

The Church Of Funningur