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The church of Skála

The church is designed by H.C.W. Tórgarð, architect, and established in 1940. Before it was established, the civilians had to walk to the neighbor village to attend at the church there. The windows inside the church are painted with different colors, with inspiration from the church of Skúvoy, which is designed by the same architect.

The village did however have its own church in the 17th century. It stood by river Prestá, until one day during Sunday service the river flooded, sweeping the church and everyone in it out to sea. Today, river Prestá is the heart of a beautiful recreational area with dams, ponds and sand. Relics of the old activities in the area are still visible in the grass.

The chairman of the vestry

Asbjørn Mikkelsen

Adress: Fagralíð 28,  480  Skála

Contact: Tel: 44 16 32 & 29 50 71

Mail: skala(at)


Opening hours

Open by arrangement. Contact, Asbjørn Mikkelsen – 44 16 32 & 29 50 71


Church attendance

Sundays at 11am


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