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The church of Gøtugjógv

The characteristic church of Gøtugjógv was established June 25. in 1995, and is therefor one of the newest churches in the Faroe Islands. Before the church was built, the civilians had to use the church of Norðagøta, that was established in 1833.

The glassware of Tróndur Patursson, that takes place inside the church, is what makes it so special.

The tour symbolizes the three crosses of Golgatha. The tour also contains two bells, that are marked with writing; “Eg ringdi yvir bygdir hvøll, eg kallið fólkið: komið øll.”

Contact: +298 21 10 76

Opening hours: Open for visitors from May 14. to September 15., Monday to Saturday from 14-16. The visit can also be arranged by calling +298 21 10 76.

Admission: 20 kr.

Church attendance: Sundays at 11am.

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