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Skálafirði – Kambsdal

Hike from Skálafirði to Kambsdal. The tour starts at the kindergarden in Kambsdalur. Start at the small stream. There is no real path, but go upwards to the left (south) up towards Skarðsbrúgv. On Skarðsbrúgv, you arrive at a gorge.…

Skálafirði – Oyrar

Hike from Skálafirði til Oyrar. The hike starts by the church "Keldan" in Skálafjørður (sometimes reffered to as Skálabotnur) and ends by the prawn factory at Oyri. A good hike for the whole family in good weather, with particularly breathtaking…


Hike from Lamba to the top of Stórafjall. Get more information here: Stórafjall og Lambaregn (

Lamba – Rituvík

From Lambareiði, you have two possibilities. The first possibility is to walk 700 m towards the village of Lamba, where the old village path begins. You go through a white gate and begin to walk up along the stream. It…


Hike around the beautiful lake Toftavatn. Enjoy the rich birdlife and pass by the statue of the Shepherd with his dog. A walk up the hill (on your way around Lake Toftavatn) will bring you to the Faroe Islands’ first…

Lake Toftavatn

Hike around the beautiful lake Toftavatn and enjoy the rich birdlife.
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