The experience you get when you sail in a traditional Faroese boat is something unique.

Your choices matter and you have influence. When you pull the oar, the boat moves. When you change your position in the boat, the boat reacts to your movement. When you sail along the shore, the landscapes show new splendour. You can reach out your hand and touch the sea – even if you are a child. Try turning off the outboard engine while casting a fishing line, it is peaceful in a new way.

Our boats are suitable for families or small groups. With our boat experiences we reach fjords and small villages that are outside the most traveled areas. We wish to leave no impact on the environment.

With our bout tours our aim is to tell stories from local lore and legends. Our focus is the connection to the sea.

Our fishing trips are diverse and give opportunity of catching various species of fish. Common are atlantic cod, haddock and saithe. No less exiting are whiting, plaice and maybe even a skate.

Our boat rental aims at building memories through hands on activity. When you rent one of our boats, you get to select the fjord. You may also chose to rent fishing gear. It is then up to you to explore.

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Office address: Rygsgøta 15, FO 160 Argir
Tel +298 589977

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