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Hiking in the Faroe Islands

One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don’t have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature.

The island Eysturoy is well-suited for the visitor looking for a hike in some of the steepest and highest areas in the Faroes or families looking for a less challenging hike.
Located up north on the island is Slættaratindur, which is the highest mountain in the Faroes, while some areas in the southern region are flatter like the area around the lake Toftavatn.

For tips and inspiration, you can read the hiking guide online.
Try also the online guide to the mountains and cairn tracks:
For other hikes with a tour guide, visit: Guide to the Faroe Islands or

Read also the guide to safe hiking.



With a breathtaking view over the fjord Funningsfjørður, Slættaratindur ...
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