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Local history museum in Strendur

The local history museum in Strendur covers the local history in the area.   Open by appointment Call phone: +298 227850   Admission fees Adults    50 DKK Children  Free   Address Heygsstøð 4 490 Strendur

Boat Museum in Fuglafjørður

A collection of old Faroese boats and traditional equipment in the basement of the old shop Ribarhús & Piddasahandil. Open on request and on special occasions.

The Boat and Art Museum

The Boat and Art Museum is housed in the former fish-drying house on Leirvík Harbour. The museum has several old Faroese boats and a large number of tools, which together beautifully show the bygone era when the old rowboat was…

History museum Blásastova in Norðragøta

The history museum Blásastova is located in Norðrgøta. Opening hours: From 15 May to 15 September Monday-Tuesday:14.00 - 16.00 Wednesday-Friday: closed Saturday - Sunday: 14.00 - 16.00 By appointment call: 222717 & 228768 Gøtu fornminnissavn P.O. Box 25 FO-510 Gøta…

Forni, historical museum in Glyvrar

This local history museum boasts many interesting objects. An upstairs room is furnished with paraphernalia from the old shop. Only open by appointment: Phone: +298 448720 +298 226088 +298 219214 Admission fees: Adults:        50 DKK Children:   Free…

Látrið, local history museum in Eiði

  This small local museum is a restored farmhouse from around 1840 with three rooms exhibiting many historical everyday objects. The materials used to build the house originally came from a large house in Tórshavn. The museum "Látrið" is open…

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